The Atlanta Eagle is Atlanta’s premier levi and leather bar that caters to ALL of the community!

About Us.


About Us.

The Eagle opened its doors over 28 years ago as the city around it continues to go through too many changes to list. Those who have never walked in our doors have no idea what it is really like in here. Unknown is the hot dance floor, the men, the urgency of the moment, the men, being able to talk to someone exciting and new, and did I mention the men? After you’ve worked up a sweat on our dance floor, come have a drink at one of our three bars, pick up something sexy at our fully stocked leather shop, and mingle on our deck to cool off, have a cigar, and

get ready for the next round

Whether you are looking for hot leather men, guys in rubber or gear, hot bears and cubs, or just the best Atlanta has to offer in masculinity, you’ll find it within these walls! Come check out Atlanta Eagle today and see what you’re missing!